Aquarium of Antalya

The Antalya Aquarium is a vivid example of the amazing sea world and offers a unique cultural entertainment experience, including the longest underwater tunnel of 131 meters long surrounded by thousands of marine creatures. It also gives you the opportunity to swim with the wild sharks in the swimming pools on the roof of the museum under the supervision of specialists of the crew of the aquarium.



Antalya Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Antalya contains archaeological artifacts representing the various civilizations that were established on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The museum is located in the Koniatti area, opposite the Ataturk Park. It covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters divided into an open-air hall, 13 covered exhibition halls, a children’s section, restoration and archeology workshops, a photography hall and a cafeteria. The museum contains more than 5000 exhibits and a wide range of artifacts Presented to the public. The exhibits are distributed to the exhibition halls according to the historical periods of the various civilizations. You will find exhibits of manuscripts, coins, textiles, sculptures, statues, mosaics, icons and many more. These exhibits date back to the Ottoman Empire and the Seljuks, and others to the Roman period, and even to the Stone Age. .

Crunchonlo Falls

Amazing nature, offering a quiet and enjoyable atmosphere, where you spend several hours in the midst of unique views of the waterfalls of the Oxo River. Enjoy the surrounding trees and plants such as beech, willow, fig, laurel, beech, wild olive, thyme, mint, bamboo and others. Much. Also found are several animals and reptiles including rabbits, squirrels, bats, hoopoe, woodpecks, and water turtles. In the place there are some stalls selling souvenirs and Turkish fast food. There is also a possibility for horse and camel riding. Korchunlu Falls and Park are 20 km northeast of Antalya and can be reached by bus or taxi via the Antalya-Oaxo Highway.