The Turkish Bodrum is situated on the Mediterranean coast on the Turkish Riviera, southwest of Turkey. Bodrum is a small town with a beautiful harbor and people who are going for sailing, swimming, snorkeling and Turkish bath. Tourism is overcrowded, young and very free. It has been called “the city that does not sleep,” like its 24-hour shops.

Ships in Bodrum

Bodrum has another title, the Pearl of Turkey, the birthplace of Herodotus and the Citadel of St. Peter, where King Mussolus was buried. The houses and buildings of the white Bodrum carved in green mountains, you can see your image clear in the waters of the sea to the severity of Safana. From these waters, yachts travel around dozens of surrounding islands, making Bodrum a popular shrine for Western and foreign tourists, in excess of millions. The population of Bodrum is 120,000.



Cannon in Bodrum Castle

Bodrum is about 900 km from Istanbul, with traditional restaurants, bars, cafes, boutiques and jewelery. Near the city lies the Bodrum Peninsula, which can be visited and visited by its beautiful and charming landscapes, which are dotted with lemon and mandarin flora.

The Greek Amphitheater in Bodrum

Bodrum enjoys a Mediterranean climate. (15 degrees average) and the summer is hot (34 degrees average) and the sun is charming (despite humidity).