Sultan Ahmad Mosque

The mosque is located in Sultanahmet Square in the Old City, south of the Museum of Ayia Sophia and east of the Byzantine Horseshoe Square. It is located in the Sultanahmet Square, Hypodermium).



Bosphorus Strait

The Bosphorus Cruise is a great experience for anyone visiting Istanbul and wanting some fun time with friends or loved ones due to the beauty, magnificence and thoroughness of the scene. The Bosphorus Strait is 30 kilometers long and is a very important international shipping point for the movement of ships and transport. During the course of your trip you will see many sights, such as the Dolma Bhatsha Palace, Sultan Mohamed El Fateh Bridge, the Bosphorus Bridge, many beautiful gardens, houses and other palaces. Nearly two hours of charming scenes and the beauty and elegance of Istanbul in this magnificent strait are an experience that is deeply rooted in memory. We warmly recommend the young couples and those looking for a romantic cruise in general to do this tour.

Bathroom Jalata Saray

One of Istanbul’s most famous Turkish baths, it is a traditional historical hammam that welcomes visitors from inside and outside Turkey, offering them a unique Ottoman experience. The men have a special section for women as well, and both experts and massage experts take care of visitors to the bathroom in their relevant fields. The bathroom has steam and sauna rooms, hot water pools and wellness stones. The Galata Sarai bath maintains a historical and traditional atmosphere through its old tools such as wooden rugs and shoes, and through the traditional forms that adorn it. Built in close proximity to Istiklal Street as part of the buildings of the Jalata Saray Mosque in the reign of Bayezid II in 1481, it was one of the most important commercial deals and discussed politics and society. Today, it is the title of heritage, tourism and health.